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Link Our School is a new and exciting online community bringing schools together to share their experiences through videos and pictures. We have created a network of schools across the UK and provided them with unlimited access to a wide variety of media online. Our technology allows them to schedule and share the content they create alongside items from the online video library which contains almost 5000 professionally created programmes.

By creating videos and sharing them using Link Our School, your students will be able to learn all about another school that they would have otherwise known nothing about. Working in conjunction with Anomaly, we will continue to build an ever increasing network of schools who will continue to communicate in this way and increase pupil awareness of other cultures.

Schools that are part of the Anomaly community will be able to upload these video files to their Anomaly Players. This user friendly technology allows staff and pupils to create their very own bespoke TV channel to showcase exchanged content and demonstrate the links they have made. Students will be able to visually experience the spiritual, moral, social and cultural (SMSC) diversity around the UK while gaining an insight into how their linked schools differ and their respective communities live.

Ofsted inspectors visiting a school don't just report on the quality of teaching and leadership. They also consider students' SMSC development and it is a key judgement point. Any weaknesses in SMSC provision will seriously affect Ofsted's view of the school's overall effectiveness.

We believe there is no better or easier way to demonstrate and document how well you meet these requirements in terms of initially creating those links, then being able to easily and regularly exchange content before finally visually showcasing the results of these shared experiences. Students and visitors alike will experience the results each and every day in and around their school.

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