About Us

Link Our School is the new and exciting online community bringing schools together to share their experiences through videos and pictures. We aim to create a network of schools across the UK who will have access to a wide variety of media online; combining content shared by other schools with the Link Our School video library produced by The Life Channel.

By creating videos and sharing them using Link Our School, another school hundreds of miles away will be able to learn all about another community that they would have otherwise known nothing about. Working in conjunction with The Life Channel, we aim to build a network of schools who will continue to communicate in this way and increase pupil awareness of other cultures.

We hope that Life Channel TV customers will be able to take advantage our online video library and include the work of other schools when using their TV screens. By downloading shared content from Link Our School and uploading it to their local playlist, teaching staff can help children to understand cultural diversity around the UK and they will gain an insight into how other communities live.