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At Regency we take pride in providing the very best educational experiences for our students. We recognise that every one of our students is unique and an individual in their own right and celebrate the contribution that they make to our school community. We provide a curriculum that will meet their needs and challenge them to achieve, with the support that they need.

Above all else we realise that your child has to be happy at school in order to thrive and take advantage of all the opportunities that we can provide. This is something that we see as fundamental to learning. We aim to provide a calm, caring and supportive environment within which our student will be encouraged to take risks, face new challenges and be prepared for life beyond school. We want our students to enjoy a wide range of opportunities provided for them and to become enthusiastic learners. We want to make learning fun, so that all our students can fully enjoy what we have to offer.

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Regency High School Specialist Sport College
United Kingdom